Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Evan Berns
Seitz LLC

Gina Mariano Bunch
Daley Moving & Storage

Sandy Evans
Whiting Mills, LLC

Patrick Finn
Secor, Cassidy & McPartland

Robert Geiger
Town of Winchester

Joyce Germano
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

Maria Gonzalez
New Opportunities, Inc.

Mark Hirko
Nuvance Health-Sharon Hospital

Dimitri Karouta
Rowley Grill & Tap

Kathleen Katrenya
Torrington Savings Bank

Matthew Koehler

Vanessa Meehan
Webster Bank

Ida Mussen
O&G Industries, Inc.

Solidea Pitruzzello
Northwest Community Bank

Antonio Ponte, Jr.
Thomaston Savings Bank

Michael Rooke, Ph.D.
Northwestern Connecticut Community College

Erick Royer
Stepcraft, Inc.

John Seagrave
Barron Financial Group, LLP

Jacque Williams
Jacque Williams Entertainment

Committee Chairs

Lance Leifert, Membership Committee

Alan Colavecchio, Membership Committee
Colavecchio Design, Inc.

Kevin O’Connell, Canaan Liaison
Geer Village

Christina Emery, Government Relations Committee
Prime Time House, Inc.

Richard Whitbeck, Insurance Committee
Innovative Health Concepts