Financial Reality Fair

In partnership with the Credit Union League of Connecticut and Connecticut Credit Unions since 2009, the Chamber has presented a Financial Reality Fair for local high school juniors and seniors. Hosted by Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington this year, this is the largest Financial Reality Fair in Connecticut, with over 850 students participating each year. In this hands-on learning exercise, students choose a career in which they are interested, and are given worksheets that discuss such topics as expected salaries, the housing market, credit and more. They visit booths manned by Chamber volunteers, decide how as working adults they would spend money on such things as transportation, food, clothing, entertainment and more, then meet with financial advisors who review their spending choices and discuss how they could have made better selections. The event receives rave reviews from students, and some schools have made it a requirement for graduation. Chamber members who sponsor student attendance receive special recognition at the fair.

For more information or to volunteer at the fair, contact the Chamber at 860-482-6586 or