RBC Aircraft Products, Inc.- Aerospace Manufacturing Careers

RBC Aircraft Products, Inc.- Aerospace Manufacturing Careers

RBC Bearings Incorporated (NYSE: RBC/RBCP) is a leading international manufacturer of highly engineered precision bearings, components and essential systems for the industrial, defense and aerospace industries.  Founded in 1919, the Company is primarily focused on producing highly technical and/or regulated bearing products and components requiring sophisticated design, testing and manufacturing capabilities for the diversified industrial, aerospace and defense markets.  We currently have 56 facilities, of which 37 are manufacturing facilities in ten countries and our market capitalization is approximately $6.2 billion.

If you’re looking for a career in aerospace manufacturing right here in the Northwest hills of CT – look no further! RBC Aircraft Products, Inc is proud of its roots in Torrington that allows its business to soar to the successful level it has over the last 18 years and our success continues! There is nothing more important to success as someone’s work ethic, drive, desire and initiative. We welcome someone who is willing to learn and grow.

Our employees are among the best anywhere and are a cornerstone of our company’s growth. Many of our employees have experienced career growth that results from hard work, dedication, reliability and consistent execution of their work. Continual contributions to the overall success of the company is what makes people successful – with or without a degree. Our plant is air conditioned, clean and bright!


Assembler 1st & 2nd Shifts:

This position is responsible for assembling and inspecting various products at proper production and quality levels either by hand or by using simple mechanical equipment.  Must be able to read a blueprint to obtain instructions. The employee must use various measuring devices to accurately maintain proper tolerances of assembled product. Will grease, cap and seal parts as required.  This position will etch parts either manually or by operating the laser etching machine.  Additionally, this position will fill in on the pack bench and will prepare various products for shipment by packing and boxing work. Most work is repetitive in nature and follows routine, prescribed methods.  This person is responsible for the movement of material, product or components to and/or from other production areas.

Machine Set-up/Operator 1st & 2nd Shifts:

This person will be responsible for setting up and operating various grinding machines (mechanical and CNC) along with their robotic or automated accessories. Must follow established procedures to produce parts to specification while striving to meet or exceed efficiency standards. Must be able to use basic hand tools, measuring equipment including micrometer, caliper, indicator, etc. Able to read/ comprehend basic blueprints and complete production and quality documentation, responsible for complying with internal quality systems and procedures.

We offer competitive compensation and excellent benefits including Medical, Dental, and company matched 401k plan.

To apply visit https://www.rbcbearings.com/Career-Opportunities, or contact us at 860-626-7824 for more information.

January 3, 2023 Job Postings