Member-to-Member Workshops

Member-to-Member Workshops are designed to enable Chamber colleagues and associates to market their programs and services to fellow Chamber members. The cost is $300 per workshop, and includes:

  • Publicity of your program:
    • A half-page ad in the monthly newsletter
    • An event listing on the website; and
    • A mass email notification to the membership (beginning two weeks prior to event);
  • Exhibit space for your presentation, with coffee and tea service;
  • A set of mailing labels to contact the membership directly.

Workshop hosts may also purchase a full-page ad in the monthly newsletter for an additional $50. The Chamber can design, print and mail a flyer on behalf of the workshop for an additional $300, or simply label and mail an advertisement for $150. (An additional charge of approximately $360 will be added for postage.)

If you have additional needs, we will work to accommodate them. Please contact Lauren Zordan at 860-482-6586 or for more details or to discuss additional questions or issues.